Phillip Phillips and American Idol

Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

So, this was the first year that my 4th grade daughter and I watched American Idol from start to finish.  When I say “start to finish”, I really mean we started watching when they were showing the final few hundred battling it out in Hollywood.

We actually handed in our cable box two years ago and lived without cable for two years.  It was Wonderful.  We still let the kids watch shows on NetFlix and Hulu, but cable with its 900 channels of mostly awful programs and tons of annoying commercials, was not in my house. (sorry for that quick rant)

The two reasons we decided to bring cable back into our lives last October was for Mountain Man to watch ESPN again, and for Broadway to be able to watch American Idol, since she loves singing and theater.

American Idol is Fun to enjoy as a Family

I think American Idol is so much fun to watch as a family.  The kids that make it to the final rounds of singing truly are incredibly hard workers and appear to be very respectful of each other, and just all around good kids.  I like to expose my little ones to other young kids going after a dream.  Very inspiring.

Although for the whole season, my country music loving fourth grader wanted Skylar to win, when it came down the last few shows (after Skylar was booted off), we started to root for Phillip.

I love that a true artist won this year.  He, more than any of the other contestants, really made the songs he sang his own.  He is not a cookie cutter singer in the least bit, and he really reminds Mountain Man and I of Bruce Springsteen in that regard.  We are huge fans of Bruce Springsteen, so are hoping that Phillip can enjoy a career like Bruce.

One of my favorite of Phillip’s performances was of Damien Rice’s “Volcano”.  I had never heard of that song, but I sure love it now.

Phillip’s quirky moves on stage are just awesome.  These moves just add more to his uniqueness and goofy factor.  As evidenced with my love for Will Ferrell, goofiness is one of my all time favorite traits.

Phillip Finally Underwent Kidney Surgery Yesterday

I just read in the news, that Phillip underwent a six and a half hour kidney surgery yesterday to remove large kidney stones that were too large to pass on their own.  The surgery was a success!!  And, Phillip is looking forward to starting the American Idol summer tour in the beginning of July.

Talk about strength of character!  Phillip was in pain for this entire competition, but persevered throughout in a BIG way.  I can’t imagine, as a Mom myself, what his Mother must have gone through for these past few months, but I am thankful for Phillip and his entire family that the surgery is behind him.  Now, he can focus on recovery and his amazing musical talent.

Really looking forward to his first album!

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