Mabel Messenger Bag By Jenna Lou Designs

I finished my Mabel Messenger Bag by Jenna Lou Designs this morning.  LOVE it!!!

This is my third bag since learning to sew over the past three weeks.  I picked up several new skills with this pattern including:

  1. Sewing a lining in a bag
  2. Sewing a pocket in the interior
  3. Inserting a magnetic snap
  4. Sewing rounded corners and making use of the pivoting skill

This time I used a quilting cotton fabric for the outside and a light denim for the inside.  Jenna Lou recommends heavy fabric on at least one of the interior or exterior.  I can see how it would be much more rigid with a heavy canvas for example.

Next time, I’m making this with one of the many Enchino fabrics I’ve been eyeing over the past few weeks since beginning my sewing journey.

I also really wanted to add a zippered pocket as the pattern called for, but due to time constraints (and wanting to finish the bag), I opted for the slip pocket……perfect for my iphone.

Here’s some pics of my latest creation……

mabel messenger bag


mabel messenger bag


mabel messenger bag jenna lou


Mabel Messenger Bag

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