Its a Ten Smoothie Day

Yesterday, a smoothie craving overtook my home.

I made smoothies for the kids right after school, then about an hour later, then after dinner.

At the end of the day, I felt like I had just gotten off a shift at Jamba Juice.

What I realized is that I can keep the smoothies REALLY simple, and the kids still love them a lot.  I typically will try to think of additional ingredients to add like yogurt or honey or a touch of orange juice.  And, while they always like those smoothies, they also loved the smoothies I made yesterday, and they were super SIMPLE.

Here’s the ingredients…….milk, banana, frozen berry mix from Trader Joe’s.

berry smoothie ingredients

I find that you really want to add a good amount of frozen berries in relation to the milk and bananas to give it that smoothie shop consistency, which is oh so delicious.  Without enough berries, it will not be thick or cold enough.

The finished berry smoothie… easy as can be…..

berry smoothie

I need to hit Trader Joe’s today for about 10 more bags of their delicious frozen berries.  :)

I’m really glad I discovered this easy smoothie, since this is my year to simplify, as I discussed in my new purse post.  So far this year, I’ve accomplished carrying around a much smaller purse and easier smoothies.  Woo hoo.

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  1. Sis says

    This is the perfect post for me to read as I work at my desk wondering how I can make a quick breakfast to eat (or rather drink) on the way to work! :-)

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