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When I received my Canon 4ti DSLR camera for Christmas this past year, it came in a package that included a standard Canon camera bag.

The Canon camera bag is fine with plenty of pockets and sections for my camera equipment.  However, it looks so boring.  A bag to store your camera body, lenses, battery charger, usb charger etc… offers such a perfect opportunity for creating a super cute and functional handbag.  So, I figured, surely, there must be more exciting choices out there….

When I first started my search, I kept finding boring bags that did not have colorful choices, cute details, or interesting materials.

Then, I stumbled upon Epiphanie Camera Bags.

The colors, styles, and details of Epiphanie Camera Bags are extraordinary.  Perusing through their selection was a bit confusing because I kept narrowing it down to about five bags.  I could not decide!  There were so many incredible choices.  This was completely opposite to my previous experience of not finding anything that was inspiring.

I finally decided on the Lyric Bag in the Olive color.

Isn’t she beautiful?


You can see below the contrast between my Lyric bag and the standard Canon bag.


Don’t you love the camera charm???  :)


The back of the purse offers a very wide zippered pocket that you can put an ipad in quite easily.


There is a zippered pocket inside as well, and, of course all of the padded sections for your camera equipment.


Another view of the inside…..


The front two zippered pockets are perfect for lens cap covers, chapstick, uv and polarized lens covers, etc…


I LOVE the braided strap.  It also comes with an adjustable longer strap with padding.

IMG_1419I took this bag on my trip to NYC and absolutely relished it.  The compartments inside kept me organized throughout the trip, the camera and its different accessories were easily accessible, and the color and style made me happy every day.  :)

Thanks Epiphanie!

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