Yummy Turkey Sandwich

yummy turkey sandwich
Scrumptious Turkey Sandwich

So, I went to one of my most favorite bakeries (Sweet Affair Bakery) today for lunch and just had to share the details about my turkey sandwich.

I left the bakery wondering if it might be possible to buy the ingredients and try to re-create this masterpiece in my very own home.

Of course, without their fresh baked homemade bread, it will not be the same, but maybe close?  Maybe?

I think putting a fancy toothpick to hold the mammoth sandwich together might give it that professional look as well, and make me believe it will be just as good as the bakery.  :)

What are the pieces to this special creation?

The sandwich contains the following layers:

1. Large portion of fresh roasted turkey

2. Cream Cheese

3. Sprouts

4. Cranberry Sauce

5. Swiss Cheese

6. Lettuce

So, that’s it, layer the above on fresh multi grain bread, and you will have an absolutely delicious and quite captivating sandwich.

The cream cheese and cranberry sauce complement the fresh turkey so well.  The sprouts and the lettuce add great texture, and the multi grain bread is so soft and perfect for holding the pieces to this delectable creation together.  :)

Here’s a close up of the masterpiece:

Yummy Turkey Sandwich
Love this Turkey Sandwich!


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