The Pouring Rain Swim Workout

Yes, it was dumping rain this morning when my iphone alarm went off at 5:25am.  Did I let this stop me from going to swimming you ask?  No siree.

I threw my wonderful North Face long coat on, my black and white checkered rainboots and headed for my car.

The smell of the air when you are experiencing your first rain in about six months is wonderful.  Its like a mixture of pine and fresh lake water.  I just love it.

I live in California, so our pools are outdoors.  I’m an outdoorsy kind of gal.  I have swum in many indoor pools, having gone to college in the East, but it just is not the same experience.

When it is raining, its even a more fun experience.  My friends always ask “How can you get up so early to swim when its raining?”  “Are you nuts?”

The thing is, you’re already wet. Duh.  Its neat to see the rain clouds and feel the rain falling on your arms as you bring your arm out of the water to take a stroke.

Anyhoo, here are the details of today’s workout…..

Swim Workout for October 22, 2012
400 swim
200 Kick Swim
8×75 on 1:15
3x {200 pull on 3:00, 2×100 on 1:30}
8×25 choice
Total: 2600 yards

I feel so much better having swum this morning.  Mountain Man always sends me a text telling me he’s proud of me when I get up to go to workout.  This morning, he said he was SUPER proud of me this time.  :)

Love, love, love the rain. We turned off our sprinklers….yay! I do not have to stress about my newly planted vinca minor flowers getting enough water.

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  1. says

    Aw, Mountain Man sounds sweet, encouraging your workout! I rarely get to swim outdoors because I live in the Seattle area. But one time that I did— in the rain– was at Sea Ranch in California, and I remember really enjoying the experience!
    Mary recently posted..Landed my first lutz!My Profile

    • Melinda (Mom on the Make) says

      I have not been to Sea Ranch yet, but I keep hearing its beautiful. I bet your swim was great in those waters. Great to hear from another swimmer! :)

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