Paying Piper, by Ilana Waters

paying piper

What would you do if your town was overrun by rats?  Would you move?  Would you call an exterminator?  Would you pay someone to calmly lead the little rascals out of your town?

The people of Hamelin Town were faced with this very problem and were offered a unique solution in Paying Piper, by Ilana Waters.

They enlist the help of a mysterious Piper to solve their problem and embark on quite an adventure.  The people of Hamelin Town learn an important lesson in their dealings with the Piper, and this lesson is the heart of this fantastical story about rats and men.

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of rat excavation, a whimsical piper, and lessons learned.

Stories that keep you guessing and beckon you to turn the page to see what’s going to happen next are my favorites.  Paying Piper fits into this category for me.  After a critical scene where the Mayor pays the Piper, my head was spinning with the possibilities of how the Piper would react, and I could not wait to turn the page to the next scene to find out.

As I have mentioned before on my blog, I really appreciate it when authors take the time to incorporate important life lessons into their captivating stories.  The lesson learned here is focused on treating others with kindness and respect.

Children learn a great deal from books, and when a lesson is presented in a fun and interesting manner, it will stick with them for years to come.

My 9 year old daughter enjoyed reading Paying Piper as well, and  I sat down with her to ask her a few questions about this delightful fantasy.

Q. Describe this book in a few sentences

A. This book is about a piper who solves 2 problems in the town of Hamelin.  One of the problems he solved was he made the adults be better, kinder, and they didn’t scream and yell at each other as much.

Q. Describe the main character                    

A. The main character is The Piper. The Piper has a pipe, and pointed ears at the tip.

Q.  What is your most favorite scene in the book?

A. My favorite scene in the book is when at the end the rats dress up as the children.

Q. Would you recommend this book to your friends?

A. I would recommend this book to my friends that like fiction or fantasy, books. I would also recommend this book to my friends that like a good, short book.

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    Hi Melinda (and Imagineer!). Thank you so much for reviewing “Paying Piper.” I’m very glad you liked it! I think it’s always important to be kind to one another–in stories and in real life. :-)

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