Sounds From a Five Year Old Playdate

Interview with 4 year oldSounds from a 5 year old playdate in my home today……

Mom: Would you like chicken noodle soup or corn dogs?

Kids:  “Chicken Noodle soup”, they screamed in a VERY excited manner

Mom: Sure, no problem

Bam Bam’s friend while eating chicken soup: With a sour face, “This doesn’t taste like my chicken noodle soup.”

Bam Bam: Yeah, this doesn’t taste like my chicken noodle soup. (Note: this is the same chicken noodle soup he has almost every day)

Mom: Would you like corn dogs then instead of soup?

Kids: No

Mom: Would you like a turkey sandwich?

Kids: Can we have corn dogs?

Bam Bam’s Friend:  Can I take off the corn and only eat the hot dog?

Mom: Yes.

(Note to self: I feel like I’m a short order cook.  Maybe that can be a part time job idea for me.)

After Lunch…..

Bam Bam: Mom, can we set up our grey tent in the backyard?

Mom: But, its pouring rain outside and you’re both wearing shorts.

Bam Bam: That’s ok, we’ll wear our rain boots and carry an umbrella over our lego box.

Mom: Well, ok then. :)

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