“Hunger Games”, by Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Broadway just finished Hunger Games.  She could not put this book down, causing her to stay up until 3:30 am one night.

Gotta love the summer because this atrociously late bedtime is fine with us (once in awhile) when there’s no school the next morning.

I always wrestle with whether to force my child to stop reading late at night because of school the next day.  No wrestling with that decision during these long summer months.

I sat down with Broadway today to interview her on how she felt about the book.  Broadway is 10 and going into the fifth grade in August.

Q. Describe this book in a few sentences

A. Its very hard to put down because it is very interesting and every single page has a new exciting event.  I like all the detail and the voice of the story.  I got very emotional during this book because of all of the description.  It is set in the future and America is destroyed.  Each year they have the Hunger Games where you fight to the death.  There are 12 districts where a male and a female tribute are chosen from each district having 24 tributes.  They range from ages 12-18.   The last person living wins and is crowned victor.  If you are crowned victor you win a life’s supply of money and a very large house.

Q. Describe the main characters

A.  The main character is Katniss Everdeen who is a very willing, brave,and courageous girl.  She is sixteen years old and she was picked to be in the Hunger Games which is an event where you fight until the death.  She loves her family and her best friend,Gale, and will do anything to protect them.  She also does not take orders.  She is the victor of the Hunger Games.

Q.  What is your most favorite scene in the book?

A.   My most favorite scene in the book is when Katniss almost kills herself for her love, Peeta.  The scene is very detailed and shows her characteristics very well. The writer details Katniss’s emotions wonderfully.

Q.  What part of the book did you like least?

A.   Every part of the book was wonderful, but the part I liked least is when Katniss’s alli, who was a young 12 year old, died.  I got very emotional at that part.  Katniss did, too.

Q.  Who is your favorite character and why?

A.  My favorite character is Peeta because he is very positive and humorous.  He is very loving to Katniss even when Katniss isn’t very loving to him.  His life is pretty hard with his mother who yells at his every move however, his father is very loving to him and everyone.

Q. Why would you recommend this book to your friends?

A.  I would recommend this book to my friends because it is very detailed and is very, very, very hard to put down.  I don’t really need to recommend this book to my friends because basically all my friends have already read this book and they loved it so much they couldn’t believe I waited so long to read it.  They were right.  All of my friends who have read it, loved it.

Broadway thanks you for reading her review.  :)

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