What’s For Dinner Tonight?

israeli couscous and chicken skillet dinner

Its that time of day.

My two older ones are going to be running through the front door at any moment, and I still do not have a clue what we will be having for dinner tonight.

I think deciding what to make every day is the most difficult part.

I decided to consult my vault of recipes on this blog to get inspired, instead of resorting to my freezer for a frozen Trader Joe’s dinner.

Rotisserie chicken was sounding really good to me earlier today, so I am opting for the Chicken and Israeli Couscous dinner tonight.

Protein, veggies, couscous, its all good.

Hope you’ve decided on your dinner for tonight.  If not, check out my recipes for some ideas.

If you have a great last minute dinner idea to share, please share in the comments below.


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  1. newlymami says:

    I have some problems everyday to cook dinner or lunch. Sometimes the creativity is hidden. Couscous with veggies it is a great dish. My baby loves the couscous texture. It is a easy to do and really healthy food.

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